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24 Feb 2008

Just like last time we looked at flight prices from Chennai to Mumbai (Bombay), there is a three-way tie for cheapest airline.

24 Feb 2008

Most of India's deceitful airlines initially quote flight prices which are only a small fraction of the final cost (we're talking some 20%).

17 Feb 2008

Deccan offers the cheapest flight from Delhi to Chennai. As usual Kingfisher's website isn't working, and a sense of normalcy is attained by Jet Airways being more expensive than Jetlite again.

17 Feb 2008

We were trawling through our past surveys, and were astonished to discover that 43% of the time Kingfisher Airline's website is down.

10 Feb 2008

We survey flights from Mumbai to Delhi and find that Jet Airways is cheaper than Jetlite! Air Deccan joins Spicejet and Indigo Airline in a 3-way tie for cheapest airline on the route.

10 Feb 2008

We've carried out several surveys of India's airlines, and compiled a list of India's cheapest airlines per flight route. Spicejet most frequently comes out cheapest whilst Kingfisher and Air India win the wooden cup (with special mention to Kingfisher for their site being most frequently down).

3 Feb 2008

India's airlines are a bunch of copycats! First a couple of weeks ago we had a four-way tie for the cheapest flight from Chennai to Mumbai, now today there's a four-way tie for the cheapest flight from Mumbai to Chennai. Do all the airlines outsource their pricing to the same outfit?

27 Jan 2008

Comparison of flight prices from Chennai to Delhi. Air Deccan is the cheapest and the most convenient.

26 Jan 2008

Photos of Kovalam beach near Trivendrum (Thiruvanthapuram) in the Kerala state of India.

26 Jan 2008

Want to see a mosque on a beach? The Kovalam Juma Masjid is situated on the famous Kovalam beach in the state of Kerala.

22 Jan 2008

Photo series of the view as one takes off from Mumbai Airport in the westerly direction, seated on the right hand side (starboard) of the aircraft.

20 Jan 2008

Photos of the Leela hotel in Mumbai (Bombay)

20 Jan 2008

Air Deccan and Go Air tie for cheapest flight from Delhi to Mumbai.

20 Jan 2008

On my way at last - discussion of my flight from Johannesburg to Mumbai (Bombay, India) and getting to the Leela Hotel.

18 Jan 2008

Top ten things to do in Mumbai, India. With my journey to Mumbai taking place soon, I have compiled a list of the top ten things I'd like to do there.

15 Jan 2008

Finally, the trip is starting to take shape and look real - here's details of my India trip itinerary from South Africa.

14 Jan 2008

A South African planning a trip wrote this entry on India visa requirements for South Africans.

12 Jan 2008

A three-way today - the prices of flights from Chennai to Mumbai were compared and there was a three-way tie for the cheapest flight - between Go Air, Spicejet and Air Deccan. It was also the third survey in a row that Spicejet has offered the cheapest flight price.

6 Jan 2008

We compared the flight prices of airlines operating flights from Delhi to Chennai, and Spicejet came out cheapest...again. As promised we looked at which airlines are advertising different headline flight prices to the final flight prices and the sad truth is that every single airliner in India (besides Jetlite airline) is operating on this basis.

30 Dec 2007

We've dipped our toes in the Indian flight market and there's lots of work to be done - most of the airlines don't disclose taxes in their flight prices and we are going to expose all of them (and gloriously praise those airlines which are above board). Today we compared flight prices from Mumbai to Delhi, and Spicejet and Indigo airlines are the cheapest.

28 Dec 2007

Going live today! We have established the framework for our India flights website and are choosing today as the official day for going live. We have dedicated pages focussing on flights to the following destinations in India - Mumbai (Bombay), Delhi, Chennai (Madras), Kolkata (Calcutta), Ahmedabad (Ahmadabad), Bengaluru (Bangalore), Bhubaneswar and Hyderabad. By navigating to the flight route along which they are travelling, visitors can link up with the various airliners online flight reservation systems and check which airline is offering the cheapest flight. We have also set up pages featuring Jetlite airline flights, MDLR Airlines and Jagson Airline flights.

Spicejet airline aircraft taking off

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