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1 Feb 2008 flights
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Our first India flights posting of 2008 :) Last week we looked at flights from Mumbai to Delhi, and this week we're examining how much it costs to fly from Delhi to Chennai. We consider Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai to be the golden triangle of the Indian aviation, industry, which is why our initial surveys of the Indian flight industry involves these cities.

Air Deccan

Go Air

Indigo airline

Jet Airways

Jetlite airline

Spicejet airlines

3 949

4 150

3 025

5 600

4 500

3 024

The cheapest flight from Delhi to Chennai (Madras) on the 1st February 2008 is with Spicejet Airlines. Spicejet flight SG 309 leaves Delhi (DEL) at 1900 and arrives in Chennai (MAA) at 2115 - the flight costs 3,024 INR.

Shortest flight path from Delhi to Chennai

Jetlite airline- most honest in advertising flight prices in India

Last week we mentioned that the flight prices many Indian airliners show upfront is not the full flight price you'll pay, and promised to expose those airlines which aren't displaying full flight prices. Here's a table displaying the differences between the initial flight prices the airline displays and the final flight prices which you have to pay:


Upfront flight price

Final flight price

Deccan Airline

1,924 INR

3,949 INR

Go Air

2,125 INR

4,150 INR

Indigo Airline

1,000 INR

3,025 INR

Jet Airways

3,575 INR

5,600 INR

Air India

site down

Jetlite airline

4 500 INR

4 500 INR


site down


999 INR

3,024 INR

It's interesting to us that, contrary to international practise, not a single Indian Airline besides Jetlite Airline displays the full ticket price upfront, rather breaking it up into taxes and their own fees - which doesn't make it easy for passengers.

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