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8 Feb 2008 flights
survey on 12 Jan 2008

Two firsts in our Indian flight surveys today - the first time we compared flight prices from Chennai to Mumbai and also the first time that we have a three-way tie for cheapest flight - the cheap airlines are Air Deccan, Go Air and Spicejet. Good stuff people :)

Air Deccan

Air India

Go Air

Jet Airways

Jetlite airline

Kingfisher airline

Spicejet airlines


3 075

2 525

3 250

3 025

4 023

2 525

Details of the cheapest flights

Air Deccan

Air Deccan flight DN-163 leaves Chennai (Madras) at 0525 and arrives at Mumbai at 0710.

Go Air

Go Air flight G8-352 leaves Chennai at 1005 and arrives in Mumbai (Bombay) at 1140.

Spicejet airline

Spicejet airline's flight SG294 leaves Chennai at 1355 and arrives in Mumbai at 1545.

Chennai to Mumbai flight path

Spicejet Airline's great record

That's now 3 surveys in a row that Spicejet airline have offered the cheapest flight, here are details of Spicejet's fantastic record run:

Survey date

Flight route

Spicejet flight price

30 Dec 2007

flights from Mumbai to Delhi


6 Jan 2008

flights from Delhi to Chennai


12 Jan 2008

flights from Chennai to Mumbai


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