Delhi to Mumbai flights

15 Feb 2008 flights
survey on 20 Jan 2008

Air Deccan

Air India

Go Air

Indian airlines

Jet Airways

Jetlite airline

Kingfisher airline

Spicejet airlines


6 120

2 525

4 555

4 125

2 820

4 125

2 724

Last week we had a 3-way tie for cheapest flight from Chennai to Mumbai, and we raved about how Spicejet airline had offered the cheapest flights in every one of our surveys. The bad news for Spicejet airline is that this week is the first week that they're not offering the cheapest flights in our surveys, Spicejet have dropped out and this week we have a 2-way tie between Air Deccan and Go Air for cheapest flight from Delhi to Mumbai (both at 2525 Indian rupees). Well done to Deccan and Go Air for continuing to keep the prices of flights in India at such low levels.

Mumbai Airport under construction

Mumbai Airport is under construction, and below is a photo of the temporary gangway used for disembarking on international flights to Mumbai. The photo was taken on the 19th January 2008, and in the picture are members of the Indian under 19 cricket team, which had just returned from Johannesburg (South Africa) to Mumbai.

Mumbai Airport's temporary gangway

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