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25 Jan 2008 flights
survey on 30 Dec 2007

Welcome to the inaugural India flights survey. In this survey we aim to continually expose the cheapest flights in India, thereby helping passengers find the cheapest flights to their destinations. In today's survey we compare flight prices from Mumbai to Delhi.

Air Deccan

Air India

Indian Airline

Indigo airline

Jet Airways


Spicejet airlines

2 999

11 390

4 555

2 525

4 125

3 400

2 525

temple in DelhiThe cheapest flight from Mumbai to Delhi is with Spicejet Airlines and Indigo Airlines (2525 Indian rupees). We calculated the flight prices for each airline to include taxes, but what a mission it was to get there. Most of the airlines operating in India initially show much lower prices excluding taxes, only later in the booking process do they add the taxes in - we look forward to exposing the airlines which are using these tactics, and praising the airlines which are advertising prices including all costs (this we will do in subsequent newsletters).

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