Review of Crowne Plaza's The City hotel in London

The Crowne Plaza group has a hotel situated in "The City" in London, a short distance from Blackfriar underground station. We made a fully paid for visit to to it on the 10th September 2008, and carried out a review.

Crowne Plaza hotel in London City

We arrived at 9am in the morning. They couldn't give us an early check-in, but on request they allowed us to shower and refresh in the showers at their gym (which nobody was using). After showering, they had made a plan and had a room ready for us. As you can see in the following pictures, the room had a TV with a bar fridge under it (and inside the bar fridge were all sorts of over-priced but tempting goodies).

Hotel Room at the Crowne Plaza hotel, The City, London

There was also a coffee table, mirror, phone, bedside lamp and of course a bed!

Inside of a Crowne Plaza hotel room

Like most hotels, the bath is small.

bath at Crowne Plaza hotel

One peculiarity of the hotel is the way the lifts operate - one needs to slot one's room card in to be able to operate the lifts.

Contact details

Crowne Plaza website






19 New Bridge Street
EC4V 6DB England

Here's a view of Unilever House (on the right) from our hotel room, to the left is New Bridge Street and in the background is the Thames.

view of Unilever house from the Crowne Plaza, London

View of the Pillars of Blackfriars in the Thames, with Newbridge Street at the bottom right of the photo.

view of Pillars of Blackfriars

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