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KLM (Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij - Royal Dutch Airlines) is an airline operating flights out of the Netherlands. In truth it is an airline subsidiary of the holding company, Air France-KLM (in May 2004 Air France merged with KLM).

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KLM flights can be booked at their website www.klm.com

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KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines) plans on replacing its current generation Boeing 737 aircraft with new generation 737s. On the 20th June 2007, KLM Airlines announced orders for 7 next generation Boeing 737-700s (and they also have options to purchase 7 more Boeing 737-700s). KLM Airlines is also changing a summer 2008 order for 3 existing Boeing 737-800 orders to Boeing 737-700s. Boeing's 737 700 usually seats 149 passengers in all economy configuration or 132 passengers in a 2 class cabin. KLM estimates that as a result of aerodynamic advantages, it will reduce fuel burn by some 3% with the new generation 737s, the new generation planes are also less noisy.

As of June 2007 , KLM Airlines operates a fleet of 47 Next Generation and Boeing Classic 737 planes.

KLM flights

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KLM accident

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