FlyPink Airline

FlyPink Airline is planning to launch its first flight on the 11th June 2007. The airline is based at Liverpool's John Lennon Airport.

FlyPink's inaugural flight

The inaugural flight was planned to be on the 11th June 2007, a flight from Liverpool to Paris.

Flypink Airline

FlyPink Airline's routes

FlyPink Airline will operate flights from Liverpool to Milan, New York and Paris. Twice-weekly flights from Liverpool to Paris will operate from August 2007. Flight from Liverpool to New York will begin later in 2007, subject to the success of the Liverpool to Paris flights, and flights from Liverpool to Milan will begin in 2008. FlyPink's long-term plans are to launch flights from Birmingham and Manchester.

FlyPink Airline's website

We're not sure where FlyPink Airline's website is! It's not at (no site exists there) and the site does not "seem like" an official site.

Why "FlyPink" Airline?

FlyPink Airline is all about operating shopping trips, and what colour is more girly than pink? The airline also has a fuchsia-pink livery.

FlyPink's extra's

A free manicure at the airport before you fly, “gourmet” food and drink (including pink champagne).

FlyPink's planes

FlyPink Airline is leasing a Fokker aircraft with 100 seats.

Fokker F50 safety

Some concerns have been expressed about the Fokker F50's safety. It should be borne in mind, when looking at the accident history of these planes, that turboprop planes (like the Fokker F50) tend to be operated in more marginal environments (for example, smaller airfields, perhaps with less advanced navigational aids). Turboprops also tend to be operated by smaller, less financially secure and technically advanced airlines, where the management has a less developed culture of safety. There is sometimes less stringent safety or regulatory oversight governing such operations. Flight crews tend to be less experienced (as they get older, they move onto jet equipment). These circumstances may lead to the impression that turboprops are more dangerous. But one needs to keep in mind the operating environments where they tend to be found.


Something to be aware of when flying on a turboprop is that you feel turbulence in much higher levels than on a jet, because of the lower speeds at which a turboprop flies.

Other users of Fokker F50s

SAS Norge (full name SAS Scandanavian Airlines Norge) has 6 Fokker F50s in its fleets.

Firefly Fokker Firefly Airlines (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Malaysia Airlines) operates Fokker F50s on its short routes in Malaysia.




Who runs FlyPink Airline?

Adam Charles, a former property manager and commodity trader and based in London. Charles is putting his own money into the company.

flyPink PassengerFlyPink is carbon neutral

A tree will be planted for every passenger flying.

May men fly?

Yes, but clearly they are not FlyPink's primary market!!



Delta Pink Plane
A pink Delta Airlines plane (for fighting breast cancer)

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