Deccan ousts Spicejet

14 Mar 2008 flights
done on 17 Feb 2008

Well done Air Deccan - it's not often that Spicejet aren't the cheapest, but this week the Deccan did it. Air Deccan flight DN - 621 is the cheapest flight from Delhi to Chennai (2999 rupees, including taxes and surcharges). The flight leaves Delhi at 1300 and arrives in Chennai at 1530.

Air Deccan

Air India

Go air

Indigo airline

Jet Airways



Spicejet airlines

2 999

5 075

3 379

3 024

5 600

3 620

site down

3 024

Deccan 5 Spicejet 5

This makes it 5 points to Air Deccan and 5 points to Spicejet in terms of wins in our flight surveys. These 2 airlines are clearly the kings of cheap in the Indian airline industry.

Kingfisher aircraft parked at airportKingfisher website down 43% of the time

Kingfisher Airlines is leaving a lot of money on the table, by having their site down 43% of the time. In the last 7 surveys we've conducted the Kingfisher website has been down in 3 of them. It's a good time for them to whisper a few words into the ears of their web hosting company (and remove any of Kingfisher's other consumable product from their desks, if it's making them fall asleep).

Jet Airways versus Jetlite

A sense of normality has returned, with Jetlite being cheaper than Jet Airways (remember, last week Jet Airways turned the world upside down by offering cheaper flights than their low-cost subsidiary, Jetlite).

Makeshift cricket in Mumbai

This photo was take on the way from the Leela Hotel in Mumbai (Bombay) to the domestic departures hall at Mumbai airport. It shows a group of boys about to play a makeshift game of cricket. The photo was taken on the 20th January 2008.

makeshift game of cricket in Mumbai

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