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7 Mar 2008 flights
survey on 10 Feb 2008

We've completed a round robin of surveys of flights between Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai, and now is where the fun begins. We resurvey the routes and see who's pricing strategies are changing. The first resurvey is of flights from Mumbai to Delhi:

Air Deccan

Air India

Indigo airline

Jet Airways



Spicejet airlines

2 525

4 375

2 525

4 125

6 440

4 701

2 525

Last time we surveyed flights from Mumbai to Delhi there was a two-way tie between Indigo Airlines and Spicejet; whilst this time Air Deccan has dropped their prices and joins the fray for a 3-way tie for cheapest flight.

Jet Airways cheaper than Jetlite!

If I wasn't smoking some of that stuff commonly found in Goa, I believe that Jetlite is meant to be the low cost carrier and Jet Airways the full service carrier. Well, that's not how the pricing works out - in the survey carried out, Jet Airways is charging 4125 rupees for a flight from Mumbai to Delhi, and Jetlite (soon to be nicknamed Jetheavy if it carries on like this) is charging 6440 rupees. This is not the first time we've seen this happen - on the third of Feb, we surveyed flights from Mumbai to Chennai and Jetlite charged more (6440 rupees) than Jet Airways (4100). So be careful before you book Jetlite - Jet Airways may be cheaper!

Jet Airway aircraft parked at Trevandrum airport

Kingfisher's website is working again

Some good news - Kingfisher's website is working again - it wasn't working, last time we surveyed flights from Mumbai to Delhi (not sure why, hopefully not because they were too busy drinking the other product they sell). Well done Kingfisher, now if you'd only present your flight prices in rupees it would make everybody's lives easier.

Random bonus - photo of the Leela Hotel in Mumbai

Photo of an artificial waterfall at the Leela Hotel in Mumbai, India (Bombay). The photo was taken on the 20th January 2008.

waterfall at the Leela hotel in Mumbai, India (Bombay)

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