India's airlines are a bunch of copycats

29 Feb 2008 flights
survey on 3 Feb 2008

There is something very odd going on on the Mumbai-Chennai flight route. On the 12th January we commented that the competition were watching each other like hawks, when there was a 3-way tie for the cheapest flight from Chennai to Mumbai (between Air Deccan, Spicejet and Go Air). Today we looked at flight prices from Mumbai to Chennai flights and found a four way tie for cheapest flight. What next? Everybody charging the same price? Perhaps the airlines have all outsourced their ticket pricing to the same people.

Air Deccan

Air India

Go Air


Jet Airways

Jetlite airline

Kingfisher airline

Spicejet airlines







4 018


Internationally, it is a rather rare phenomenon for airlines to be charging the same prices - most airlines dynamically prices their flights depending largely on the time to flight and the volume which has been booked already (charge more if the flight is filling up).

The Leela Hotel in Mumbai

Photo of the porters at the Leela Hotel in Mumbai, India (Bombay). The photo was taken on the 20th January 2008.

porters at the Leela hotel in Mumbai, India (Bombay)

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