Kingfisher Airline - website is down 43% of the time

Kingfisher AirlineIt's not easy to book a flight online when an airline's website isn't working. It's now 20 minutes since I navigated to Kingfisher Airline's url, and I'm still getting the message "Transferring data from". Perhaps the web hosting company have been consuming too much of Kingfisher's other product, and have fallen asleep.

Not the first time this has happened

We carry out a lot of price comparisons on this site and looking back at our records, it is astonishing how often Kingfisher's website isn't working:

Survey Date
Flight route
Airlines with websites working
Airlines whose website were down

17 Feb 2008

Delhi to Chennai

Air India, Deccan, Go Air, Indigo, Jet, Jetlite, Spicejet


6 Jan 2008

Delhi to Chennai

Air India, Deccan, Go Air, Indigo, Jet, Jetlite, Spicejet

Air India

30 Dec 2007

Mumbai to Delhi

Air India, Deccan, Indigo, Jet, Jetlite, Spicejet


In 3 out of the 7 flight surveys we carried out over this period the Kingfisher website was not working. If we can extrapolate this, it means that 43% of the time Kingfisher's website is not working. This could possibly mean that Kingfisher Airlines is losing 43% of the sales they should be making.

It's costing them

Considering that most airline tickets are sold online these days, this must be costing Kingfisher Airline's shareholders a lot of cake. Just ask Ryanair, an Irish airline who plan to turn off their antiquated website for an entire weekend to revitalise it. Ryanair take 90% of their bookings through their website, and it's estimated that turning it off for the weekend will cost them 4 billion rupees.

Fire your web hosting company

It's simply not worth it to continue having so much downtime. If Kingfisher are short of ideas, they can think of hosting with GoDaddy - site is hosted at, which costs us 150 rupees a month, with very little downtime.

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