May 07, 2007 Christchurch, New Zealand: The Kiwijet Airline Company Limited has been very delighted by the overwhelming response regarding our announced intensions to develop New Zealand’s first true low cost carrier.

Beginning today our Christchurch automated call centre will be active for telephone inquires and additional updates at 064- 03-377-0807

We were quite flattered that Air New Zealand wants to launch a low cost carrier in our image. However we must point out that their corporate irresponsibility by making emotional statements, that kiwijet had received confidential information is just foolish and improper. We strongly suggest that any further statement of this kind will prompt us to take immediate legal action against any parties that make such statements.

Kiwijet has been investigating this opportunity since November 2006. We can assure all concerned that our business plan has been well researched in New Zealand and abroad by airline industry professionals as well as financial consultants. Our research indicated that the model we announced is viable, and the fact that Air New Zealand made such a statement just validates our concept.

We have closely been tracking the collapse of the Airline Partners Australia (APA) bid for the acquisition of Qantas Australia, and we will take a wait and see approach to the situation as the dust settles. Regardless we will proceed with our intentions to bid for the acquisition of the Jetconnect operation in New Zealand once we understand what if any shakeup will occur inside the corporate structure of Qantas Limited.

Our legal counsel has been instructed to draft a proposal for the acquisition of Jetconnect to the Qantas board which we will put forward by the first of June.

We also would like to thank the many supporters that have come forward to express their support for our planned service. This will benefit the traveling public in New Zealand by bringing down the cost of air travel to simple and acceptable levels. Some pundits and so called “Aviation Experts” whose incomes depend on the big airlines have called our plan “pie in the sky” where were they when Air Zealand made its announcement?

As a result we will include free “pie in the sky” as well as free beverages including beer and wine, and we will mind the kids for you with free stuff for them too.

We would like to thank the people of New Zealand for their support.

New Zealanders demand your kiwijet “Soon all kiwis will fly”

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