Flybe fumes

On the 13th November 2007 at about 1335, fumes began drifting into the cabin of Flybe flight BE7125 from Birmingham to Stuttgart (Germany), forcing the pilot to turn the plane back and made an emergency landing at Birmingham airport some 15 minutes after taking off.

Passengers report

Passengers reported "high temperatures" and an "unpleasant odour".

The plane

The plane was a British Aerospace 146 (Flybe airline has said it will withdraw its 16 BAE 146 planes from its fleet by February 2008).

Flybe airline's apology

Flybe airline apologised through a spokesperson: "The Flybe flight BE7125 from Birmingham to Stuttgart returned from airborne after an unpleasant odour and high temperatures were reported in the cabin. The aircraft landed without incident in Birmingham at 1.35pm on Tuesday afternoon and all 24 passengers disembarked without incident. Passengers were then transferred on to the BE7127 which departed Birmingham for Stuttgart at 5pm that evening."

Sunday Mirror

Just two days before the incident, the Sunday Mirror's Nick Owens had written an article about how pilots flying passenger jets were being poisoned by toxic fumes.

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